Torero Talks: Academics - Shared screen with speaker view
Jackie Burkett
Hello Future Torero Family! It seems that College Week Live is back up and running. We encourage you to come chat with us during and after our presentation: https://www.pqe.io/sign-up/voh/university-of-san-diego-multi-private?event=UniversityofSanDiegoPrivate&account=UniversityofSanDiego&refcode=COL_UNIVERSITY_OF_SAN_DIEGO_MULTI_PRIVATE_EMAIL
Jackie Burkett
Please joing us for a chat so we can answer more of your questions/ We have faculty and current Toreros who are ready to connect with you: https://www.pqe.io/sign-up/voh/university-of-san-diego-multi-private?event=UniversityofSanDiegoPrivate&account=UniversityofSanDiego&refcode=COL_UNIVERSITY_OF_SAN_DIEGO_MULTI_PRIVATE_EMAIL
Austin McKinley
You can also access the chatroom link through the Torero Talk email reminder you received in your inbox yesterday. We'd love to chat!